CVSSC League Details


Co-ed Indoor Volleyball

- Minimum 2 female players on court.

- Games are 6-on-6.

- Season lasts 9 weeks, including playoffs.

- Tiered play typically available.


Fall Leagues

Tuesdays League (Rec-to-Intermediate):
Runs approx. Sept. 19 to end of November.

Wednesdays League (Rec-to-Competitive):
Runs approx. Sept. 20 to end of November. 

*Registration opens Aug. 1 and closes Sept. 11.


Winter Leagues

Tuesdays League (Rec-to-Intermediate):
Runs approximately Jan. 16 to end of March.

Wednesdays League (Rec-to-Competitive):

Runs approx. Jan. 17 to end of March.

*Registration opens Nov. 1 and closes Jan. 8.


Spring Leagues

Wednesdays League (Rec-to-Competitive):

Runs approx. April 19 to end of June

*Registration opens Feb. 15 and closes April 10.


Brooklyn school in Comox (1290 Guthrie Rd.); Ecole au Couer de l'Ile in Comox (556 Linshart Rd.); or 19 Wing Community and Recreation Centre (1575 Military Row, near Canex).

Who People who want to have a good time. You can sign up as a single, with friends, or an entire team.
How Much

TUESDAYS: $55/individual; $400/team (incl. tax)


WEDNESDAYS: $65/individual; $450/team (includes tax)

Volleyball Trivia


  • Volleyball was originally called Mintonette when it was invented by an American YMCA sports director in 1905.
  • The early rules of the game allowed unlimited players on either side of the net and unlimited hits to volley the ball over the net.
  • Canada was the first country after the U.S. to adopt volleyball back in 1900.
  • When spiking was first introduced to the attack by the Phillipines, the spike was called the "bomba" and the attacker was called the "bomberino."
  • Volleyball is the second largest participation sport in the world with over 800 million players worldwide.

Indoor Volleyball

Volleyball is always a good time and a great way to meet new people or socialize with the friends you have, so it's easy to see why the sport claims 800 million players worldwide.

Our Comox Valley volleyball league is looking for new players and teams that want to join in the fun and stay active. You'll be sure to take part in some great rallies and games each week that'll give you something to brag about.

The volleyball league is open to players from Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Campbell River and other surrounding areas.


Click on the applicable icon below to sign up and pay the league fees for a single or team. For a small group, each player should complete the individual registration and note their friends in the "friends" box. We'll take care of you from there. Have fun!

Subs can contact us after the season starts to be put on our wait list, though with no guarantee of playing.

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